Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sex and the Summer!

Rising temperatures, sun-kissed skin, and sexy revealing attire tantalize our deepest sexual desires! It's a fact! Everywhere you look there's bare flesh! These are just the few reasons why sex and summer go so well together. In my opinion, sex and EVERYTHING go well together! Most people tend to have a higher sex drive in the summer - unless you are like me who is clearly hitting her prime! ha! - so don't berate yourself as a lust-filled sex addict just yet. This happens because sunlight slows down the body's production of a chemical called melatonin. The lower the melatonin level, the higher the libido! Pheromones are released through the sweat glands in our skin that can trigger our sexual urges and desires. Sweat enhances your natural scent which can be a very, very powerful sexual attractant. The power of this scent is much stronger in the summer, obviously, considering we naturally sweat more during the hot summer months. Not to mention that heat also inceases the blood flow to the surface of our skin. This causes our sense of touch to increase, causing greater sensitivity in those lovely erogenous zones.

Summer Safety Sex Tips:

Drink lots of water! Well, this is a no-brainer! Not only does it prevent you from dehydrating, but by drinking plenty of water thoughout the day and preserving energy, you will retain your sexual stamina.

Practice Safe Sex! I cannot express this enough! Summer tends to bring on the short, sizzling, one-nighter love affairs. Always use a condom! Not only to protect yourself from pregnancy but also from many STDs. Avoid two conditions that can and may cause breakage in condoms: water and heat.

In the heat of the moment, who wants to take the time looking for that bottle of lube? You should try always using a lubricant when using condoms, even if the package says that they are already lubricated. This will prevent any friction, causing heat and possibly a chance for the condom to break. Also, avoid storing your condoms in warm environments. Again, heat will weaken latex allowing more chances of a breakage. So your wallet or the glove compartment of your car are NOT wise places for storing your condoms, kids!

Water is Sexy! Really, who doesn't like hot steamy shower sex right? If you have sex in water, use lots of lube. Although, you may want to avoid using a water-based lubricant. Instead, use a SILICONE lube! It is waterproof and won't break down, or wash away. Water decreases the body's production of natural lubricant, causing much friction and nothing but a very uncomfortable or even painful experience. When I say use lots of lube, I mean LOTS!!

***I do not claim to be an 'expert'. All information is based on self-taught knowledge and personal opinions. If you seek medical advice, please see a professional***

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